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First Session Notes
Better Late than Never!

Our adventure opens on Novarra 7th, a crisp Autumn morning, with the heroes coming to The Borderlands home of Glittergold Keep, for their own intersecting purposes.
Little known fact, on Novarra 7th, civilized people all over the land celebrate “”/campaign/adventures-in-sweet-home/wikis/The%20Festival%20of%20Knowledge/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>The Festival of Knowledge."

Our heroes are:
Bjorn: A dwarven cleric of Ambrah, goddess of knowledge and secrets. He has come to investigate the infamous Caves of Chaos, and locate the whereabouts of Queen Domborrah’s Amulet, an ancient gnomish artifact.

Ivy: A halfling druid from the faraway Sapphire Islands. The nature spirits have guided her here, foretelling an ancient doom involving Queen Domborrah’s Amulet. “The earth will shatter as the world spins in the worng direction… also something about orcs.”
While on her quest Ivy: has been granted immunity to natural climate/temperature changes. A boon while she travels in these cold northern lands. Ivy: also hopes to encounter Jaygar the hero gnome of Glittergold Keep, her ex-lover from a long ago adventure in the borderlands.
Little known to Ivy: Jaygar owes a debt to Bjorn for divine services rendered.

Dr. Lewis: A human wizard, and an infamous quack doctor. Dr. Lewis does not admit to having magical abilities, claiming that they are simply acts of science. He has come to pay a house call to Prince Zham, ruler of Glittergold Keep. Prince Zham does not trust his local healers for some reason.

Marlow: A human thief. Marlow has come to take Queen Domborrah’s Amulet for himself. Marlow needs to avoid contact with Prince Zham, as the Prince suspects him as a likely burglar.

On their way to Glittergold Keep, where the the party hoped to research the Caves of Chaos before setting out, the heroes were waylaid by a small band of kobolds with blowdarts. The kobold hid within the swamp which bordered the road which the party was following.
One of the kobolds let out a squeal as he was murdered, and a slight misstep by Dr. Lewis, caused one of his spells to go awry and shoot a blindingly bright flare into the sky.
Soon afterwards found themselves fleeing through the swamp, an frothing-at-mouth mad tribe of kobolds at their heels.
The party attempted to hide themselves atop a small knob of earth above the swamp level. This swamp turned out to be the home of a certain breed of man-sized spider that the kobolds harvested their berserking drug from. The heroes found themselves stuck between an angry spider, and an angry tribe of Kobolds, and had to sneak or fight their way out.
Back on the road…

First Game Tonight

Looking forward to our first game tonight!
I re-structured the wiki main page a little bit today, but I only spent about 3 minutes on it, so if someone would like to continue the formatting, be my guest!

Adventure Log

This space will be used to keep notes from our play sessions. I’ll be passing this job off to one of y’all, and if you’re feeling frisky, it would be great if they are in first person narrative.
I’ll keep my notes in the GM only section.


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