Welcome to our campaign homepage!

We will be using this homepage to manage the shared world we’ll be creating with each session of Dungeon World that we play.

All players should feel free to add anything that sounds interesting into the game. For example:
As soon as you say, " Moonhold is an Elven fortress nestled within the Briar Deep known for producing beautiful (and deadly) pearl weaponry," it becomes true within the fiction forever after. (Seriously, check out the links!)

I ask only that players keep in mind the same Agenda and Principles that guide me as a GM when running dungeon world, and I do suggest that you at least get your character rolled-up before delving to deep.

Your agenda is what you sit down at the table to do:
•Make the world fantastic
•Fill the characters’ lives with adventure
•Play to find out what happens

•Draw maps, leave blanks
•Embrace the fantastic
•Give every monster life
•Name every person
•Think offscreen, too

Dungeon World Oakland

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